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Apr 09,2019

Choose Your Shower Cabinets from Khadra Glass!



If you are in the midst of deciding about the design, type, and size of the shower cabinet you want to install in your bathrooms, we, Khadra Glass has so much to offer you. 


As a leading manufacturer of durable and high-quality glass products, we, Khadra Glass assure that you will be able to get the best shower enclosures from our collections. If you have your own idea on how you want your shower cabinets would look like, all you have to do is tell us all about it and we’ll surely materialize it for you. Tell us about the design you want to have, the shape and size of your shower cabinet, and its mechanism, and we’ll have it manufactured immediately. Our creative and talented team will work together to deliver it to you.


To give you a brief of our designs at Khadra Glass, we’ll discuss some of the shower enclosures that we can install in your bathrooms – you can choose in these designs and apply it to your own shower enclosures.


  1. Tom and Jerry – if you love the characters, Tom and Jerry, this enclosure suits you best. You can also install it in the bathrooms in your children’s rooms. They would love it if they see their favorite characters plastered inside their bathroom.


  1. Sinking Flower – Do you like flowers? The one we have at Khadra Glass is drawn intricately – it resembles a sinking flower that has butterflies swarming over it. This design is perfect for those young teenage girls.


  1. Peacock Lovers – For peacock lovers out there who admire the colorful appeal of these majestic birds, we actually have it at Khadra Glass. We can apply the design in your shower enclosures.


  1. Butterflies – Teenage girls and young adults would surely love the butterfly-themed shower enclosure that we have at Khadra Glass. The combination of black and gold color flaunts a classy and elegant feel.


  1. Lines and Swirls – For those who like simple but sophisticated designs, we also do swirls and curvy lines that give out groovy and bubbly ambiance. It’s a good choice, especially for those young and creative ones.


  1. Squares and Blocks – Who says blocks are not a good idea on your shower cabinets? In fact, when you combine it with the right color, you will have a fierce but classic design.


  1. Flowers and Vines – Flowers are such classy and simple design for shower enclosures because it gives that nature-ish feeling that makes you believe you’re close to nature itself. 


  1. Dolphins in the Air – For someone who loves the ocean, this enclosure with imprinted dolphins and underwater scenery is perfect. And it glows beautifully when you open the lights inside your shower enclosure.


At Khadra Glass, we don’t just give mundane shower cabinets. We give the one the suits your style and your bathroom’s theme.


If you want a shower cabinet, contact us anytime and we’ll make it for you.




If you want a shower cabinet, contact us anytime at Khadra Glass and we’ll make it for you. No matter what design you want, we'll do it for you.