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Mar 11,2019

Framed Glass V/S Frameless Glass Enclosures

When indulging in fantasy about the luxurious bathroom, people’s first thought that comes across their minds is their shower, not the sinks. The shower symbolizes the pumping heart of the bathroom, where people freshen themselves each morning. 


Glass shower cabinets are a huge design trend because they give the bathroom that spacious luxury status that people crave for. They are found in a wide range of tones, colors, and textures. The main benefits of installing glass enclosures are:


  • Glossy glass does not absorb light, it allows light to enter freely
  • Polished, cleaned and washed easily
  • Makes bathrooms airier.



The famous types of glass enclosures are framed or frameless. 



Framed systems use a metal framework to secure the thinner glass panels. The metal is typically in a finish to complement the hardware and faucets in the bathroom. Of the two options, it’s cheaper and easier to install on your own.



Frameless systems use smaller connection equipment, silicon coating, and tend to look smooth and shiny. They’re easier to clean since soap residues and fungus cannot accumulate in the framework. Besides, rust and corrosion do not form a huge issue because metal frames are absent. These cabinets are appealing to the eye wherever they are present whether in a modern home or a regular one. It is important to note that the frameless version is more expensive than the framed one because the glass panels are thicker three-eighths of an inch. For relatively large glass shower cabinets, glass panels are offered in half-inch thick options.




People constantly strive for the trendiest, so now, in 2019, frameless glass shower cabinets are the trend. Khadra Glass offers a wide range of frameless systems which meet your satisfaction. Redesign your shower the way you have always dreamt for.