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Jan 17,2019

How Does Curtain Glass Work?

Through the years, glass has been enhanced in many ways possible so it can have various functions. It can give comfort, light, space, and artistry. Today, glass is used in multiple ways – just like how curtain glass, works.

First of all, what is Curtain Glass?

Curtain Glass helps any establishment become even more durable and attractive. At some points, the exterior of any establishment becomes slab but the curtain glass does its magic and makes it appear as seamless and faultless as possible.

The curtain glass is filled with in-fills of glass, metal, and thin stone. It actually has three types:

- Pressure-equalized

- Water-managed

- Face-sealed

Usually, it is utilized to increase the modernity of the interior or even exterior design of an establishment. But aside from that, it also has different perks – it has a lot of advantages. The installation of curtain glass might be one of the best decisions you can do for your establishment.

Moreover, the logistics and mechanisms involved in the making of curtain glass are not that simple. It is manufactured meticulously so it can function right – so it can perform its purpose when installed in a residential or a commercial place.

It can withstand different loads – its sturdiness and robustness is incomparable.

- Wind Load

- Seismic Load

- Snow Load

- Thermal Load

- Blast Load

Hence, no matter the weather condition might be, rest assured that you will be safe from any danger whether inside or outside.

Aside from these loads, the curtain glass also has certain properties such as being safe from water penetration and deflection. The curtain glass also has air infiltration property that allows the inside of your property to be free from hazardous components from the air that you can inhale.

The toughened and enhanced curtain glass can truly meet and exceed your expectations. You can use it for your residential or commercial place. And if you need a provider, we, Khadra Glass, are here for you.

We can give you the highest quality of any glass material that you will need. We are a reputable glass manufacturer - we have all your necessities. You can call us anytime you want or you can come and visit us. Our doors are always open to all your concerns and we are more than glad to be able to extend our assistance to you whenever you need it.