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Dec 27,2018

Khadra Glass: The Magic of Aluminum Folding

At Khadra Glass, we always make sure that the quality of our products is incomparable. We work together to come up with unparalleled aluminum folding and other glass products that will be advantageous to our customers.

The aluminum folding that we manufacture is made with the most durable raw materials – the glass, the steel, and the seamless mechanisms that are incorporated in the glass structure. We make sure that it works well so that the users will be spared from any unforeseen accidents and the like.

The glass is sturdy and strong enough to withstand any weather conditions as well as sudden external forces. It won’t break easily and it won’t shatter tremendously to the point that it can hurt people.

It opens and closes easily. It can also be moved with ease. Our team worked hard to manufacture this product along with all the other products we offer at Khadra Glass.

We have been in the industry for quite long enough already. We have mastered the art of manufacturing glass products – the ones that can be used at home and even in commercial places.

If you need Curtain Glass, Glass Balustrade, Shower Cabinet, Photocell / Sliding Door, Glass Staircase, Aluminum Folding or the like, we can give it to you. All you have to do is give us the specifications that you require and we’ll manufacture the product for you.

Our team at Khadra Glass is equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and training to make each of our products incredibly useful and sturdy; hence, you can guarantee that the products that you will purchase from us will last for a long time.

We have already mastered the art of curating glass products. We know how to precisely cut, create, and install all the glass products we make.

At Khadra Glass, you can trust that we’ll give you nothing but the best.

And if you need aluminum folding doors and windows, you can contact us at Khadra Glass so that we can install it for you. We are the leading provider of aluminum folding windows in Lebanon; hence, you can guarantee a high quality of service from us and we’ll be ready to attend to all your needs anytime you need us.

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