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Lift and Slide Patio Doors

Lift and Slide Patio Doors are good applications to have at home – not only aesthetically but its convenience makes it a considerable choice. And if you want to have an aluminum lift and slide patio doors in Lebanon, we, Khadra Glass, are here to let you have it.

We have been in the glass industry since 1986 – through the years, we have learned new and effective technologies that not only help us manufacture tough and sturdy glass, but economic and advantageous as well.

We make sure that our aluminum lift and slide patio doors give you:


The lock system in these products is exceptional – it has five locking points that comply with the building regulations. The advanced technology used in manufacturing these made the lock system possible – guaranteeing the safety of everyone in your home.


The doors can actually have high insulation properties like all the other uPVC windows and doors that we have at Khadra Glass. It may be double or triple glazed that can keep your homes retain the proper temperature you need whatever the season may be, making it cozier than before.

Ease in Operation

The gears and hardware that we used in manufacturing these products are made from high-quality materials – which means it can function well and remarkably. The mechanisms installed in our products make it easy to open, close, and slide at your convenience.

Indeed, our aluminum lift and slide patio doors can be a good thing to apply in your homes – through these, your homes will be looking and feeling way better than before. And you can contact us anytime you need us to install it in your place.