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curtain wall facade

Aug 13,2018

The Current Trends and Technologies in Glass Curtain Walls

Glass Curtain Walls are now becoming a trend these days because of its sophisticated and unsurpassed envelope system. The curtain walls control the solar grain which therefore reduces the heat that comes through the windows – it depletes the heat during summer and insulates it during the winter season. With the advancements that are recurring…
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sliding door

Aug 07,2018

These are the Top Five Benefits of having Sliding Doors in your Homes

As homeowners, all we want is to have a comfortable and secure place to live in. Aside from having modern equipment and design, what should matter to us is the safety and cosiness that we’ll feel while we’re inside our homes. We might think of installing durable and convenient windows and doors as well that improve the aesthetic and insulation…
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aluminium glass

Jul 19,2018

Know the Top 6 Benefits of Aluminium Windows and Doors for your Homes

If you are planning for a new window installation, you must consider asking your trusted aluminium window supplier in Lebanon, because aluminium windows and doors are actually a good choice. You can ask your vendors if this is true, but in this article, we will tell you the top five benefits that you can get from these windows and doors. There are…
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glass window door

Jul 09,2018

Effective Tips on How You Can Style your Glass Windows and Doors

Perhaps one of the most favorite places one could have in their homes is the balcony – or just a good view of the warm sunlight passing through your aluminium windows in Lebanon. If you are planning to revamp your windows or ask for a professional’s help regarding glass installation, you can follow these simple tips and guidelines on how…
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glass manufacturer lebanon

Jun 18,2018

What are the general qualities of a durable glass, that Khadra Glass have?

The glass is an extremely versatile material – it has various applications and it can actually be seen and utilized in our daily lives. We can see it in our homes, in commercial places, and in different establishments. Each day, we interact with a wide range of glass forms and there are times when we are just not aware of it. We, Khadra Glass,…
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glass window

Jun 05,2018

The Different Types of Glass and Their Uses

Glass technically plays a very important role in keeping your place insulated and spared from extreme UV rays from the sun. These are some of the reasons why glass installation is advisable to your residential or commercial establishment. And as a leading entity in the glass industry in Lebanon, we, Khadra Glass, make sure to manufacture only the highest…
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