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Feb 02,2019

The Curtain Glass’ Adaptation Ability To Climate

When the weather is too hot or too cold, optimal heating and cooling are needed so that you will feel comfortable inside your home. We all know how windows and doors can affect the thermal properties of your home – how these enclosures can keep and release heat whenever needed. Particularly, the adverse weather condition of a country can bring…
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save enery with khadra glass

Jan 17,2019

SAVE ENERGY with Khadra Glass!

In an overly commercialized world in which many businesses seek at exploiting their employees and fault their clients, we pledge to be different. Honesty and integrity will always be at the forehead of our values and we promise to always ensure you with the best quality of work and ethical approaches. Khadra Glass addresses every needed aspect of modern…
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curtain glass

Jan 17,2019

How Does Curtain Glass Work?

Through the years, glass has been enhanced in many ways possible so it can have various functions. It can give comfort, light, space, and artistry. Today, glass is used in multiple ways – just like how curtain glass, works. First of all, what is Curtain Glass? Curtain Glass helps any establishment become even more durable and attractive. At some…
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curtain glass lebanon

Jan 16,2019

The Benefits Of Installing Curtain Glass Especially During Winter

Now that winter has come, have you made sure that your home is ready for the cool weather? To ensure the warmth you’ll feel inside your homes, you can consider installing curtain glass. The technology that makes up curtain glass is advanced enough to guarantee that any establishment will be protected from outside elements, including harsh weather.…
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aluminum folding

Dec 27,2018

Khadra Glass: The Magic of Aluminum Folding

At Khadra Glass, we always make sure that the quality of our products is incomparable. We work together to come up with unparalleled aluminum folding and other glass products that will be advantageous to our customers. The aluminum folding that we manufacture is made with the most durable raw materials – the glass, the steel, and the seamless…
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aluminium windows Lebanon

Dec 19,2018

Why Does Khadra Glass Aluminum Folding Stand Out?

Khadra Glass has been in the glass industry since 1986 – the glass business has already built trust and confidence that they share with faithful customers. Ever since we opened our doors to the public, we never ceased in giving unparalleled service and state-of-the-art products that we manufacture. Our family at Khadra Glass is trained and equipped…
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