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Glass Suppliers in Lebanon

Mar 11,2019

Framed Glass V/S Frameless Glass Enclosures

When indulging in fantasy about the luxurious bathroom, people’s first thought that comes across their minds is their shower, not the sinks. The shower symbolizes the pumping heart of the bathroom, where people freshen themselves each morning.    Glass shower cabinets are a huge design trend because they give the bathroom…
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curtain wall suppliers in Lebanon

Mar 06,2019

Impact of Curtain Wall Configurations on Building Energy

  Curtain Walls are certified to give an absolute thermal performance in an establishment. The technologies that make up a curtain wall like PV panels can turn the energy sinks into energy positives – meaning, this approach can generate energies from the façade parameters and enclose it effectively, making the panels energy-efficient.…
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Glass suppliers in Lebonan

Feb 27,2019

The Difference between Storefront and Curtain Wall

A building’s façade is relevant to a structure’s aesthetic appeal. Aside from that, it also contributes to its durability. In architecture, there are two most utilized applications when it comes façade – storefront and curtain wall.   Both are usually used in structures. Project managers are aware of the benefits…
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Window Wall

Feb 16,2019

What is the difference between a window wall and a curtain wall?

In urban cities, most of the establishments are adorned with modern designs and architecture. Most of the time, glass is used today – usually, curtain walls or window walls. For those who are familiar with construction, engineering, and architecture, they would know that curtain walls and window walls are good materials to be applied on structures.…
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Curtain Wall Lebanon

Feb 09,2019

The Types of Curtain Wall and Its Advantages

Curtain Walls have already been in applied in different establishments starting way back 1930s. At that time, aluminum was only used for the purpose of military use. But today, curtain walls are already used even in commercial purposes especially in structural elements. The fact that aluminum is a strong and sturdy material makes it a reliable element…
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Feb 02,2019

The Curtain Glass’ Adaptation Ability To Climate

When the weather is too hot or too cold, optimal heating and cooling are needed so that you will feel comfortable inside your home. We all know how windows and doors can affect the thermal properties of your home – how these enclosures can keep and release heat whenever needed. Particularly, the adverse weather condition of a country can bring…
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