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Jan 17,2019

SAVE ENERGY with Khadra Glass!

In an overly commercialized world in which many businesses seek at exploiting their employees and fault their clients, we pledge to be different. Honesty and integrity will always be at the forehead of our values and we promise to always ensure you with the best quality of work and ethical approaches. Khadra Glass addresses every needed aspect of modern life in order to elevate your daily experiences through its products and precise technology. Read below to know how!

1. Safety and Health Measures Guaranteed

The importance of windows and daylight exposure emitted through windows is crucial to our general health. Many studies have revealed the importance and impact of windows in our living spaces. Among other benefits, windows decrease depression, boost physical and mental healing, and increase productivity. In a study conducted by Northwestern University, it has been explained how employees exposed to daylight from windows have a better quality of life compared to other office workers with less light exposure in the work place (Paul, 2014). People’s health is our first concern at Khadra Glass.

Accordingly, we take extreme safety measures to protect our clients and employees through our products and manufacturing processes. In regards to that matter, Khadra Glass and Khadra Safety Glass provides you with high-quality services and quality materials to fulfill all of your insurance needs and improve your overall health.

However, the quality of the glass used and the implementation processes greatly affect the suitability and advantages of glass as a building material, and impact other concerns than health such as environmental, and economical matters. Our expertise and advanced technologies at Khadra Glass covers all of these with superior professionalism.

2. Energy Saving Methods Enhanced

Your right choice of windows and glass manufacturer can let you save your energy expenses (and the planet!). Khadra Glass aims at following sustainable development in their practice by offering you thermal break in windows. The insulation built within the frame will tremendously impact the overall performance of your window and keep you and your loved ones warm this winter. In addition to properly installed thermal breaks, Khadra Glass offers gas-filled double glazed windows carefully designed to maximize the efficiency of your glass and save on heating and cooling your space.

3. Long Term Partnerships Established

Last but not least, Khadra Glass strives into building long-term partnerships and collaborations with its clients. Our recurring customers are proofs of the powerful bounds and trustworthy relations established within our community. We promise to always offer you the highest quality of work and tackle each project with ultimate professionalism.

We are looking forward to working and building a long-term partnership with you too!

Don’t hesitate to ask for additional inquiries at info@khadraglass.com


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