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Oct 27,2018

Types of Canopies that You Can Build This Winter Season

Winter is just around the corner – is your home ready for it? Do you think you will be covered enough and have a good place to spend your holidays in, just inside your homes?

If you want to celebrate the holidays indoors, it’s best if you try to build your own canopies – tits comfortable, it gives protection, and it’s a nice resting place whenever you are just inside your homes. Canopies are extremely functional – they are good for outdoor events and you can be creative and innovative when you try to build your own canopies at home.

But if you are already looking for the best glass canopies in Lebanon, the right place for you to get it is at Khadra Glass. We offer various glass installations like Curtain Glass, Glass Balustrade, Shower Cabinet, Canopies, and many others. We are one of the leading entities of the glass manufacturing industry; hence, rest assured that you will be able to get the best and most credible glass installations from us at Khadra Glass.

However, for your glass canopy in Lebanon, we’ll discuss some of the types of canopies that you can choose from:

Shade Canopies

These canopies are perfect if you need protection from direct sunlight and UV Rays. Shade canopies can be hauled anywhere you go – it’s extremely functional and convenient especially if you are about to go to the beach or sunny areas.


If you need canopies to protect your vehicles from scorching sunlight, you might need to opt for carport. Carport canopies are available in different sizes, allowing you to cover your vehicle no matter how small or big it is.

Garden Canopies

You can put garden canopies anywhere in your yard, deck, or patio especially if you love spending your alone time in your garden and you want to be protected from direct sunlight as well.

Canopy Tent

For outdoor events, however, to make sure that you are protected from any kind of weather, you can try a canopy tent. It provides shelter for your guests and keeps you safe from unexpected change of weather as well.

But if you prefer a glass canopy in Lebanon, all you have to do is contact us at Khadra Glass and we’ll provide it for you. Call us at 00961 7 343 627