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Dec 05,2018

Why Choose the Products of Khadra Glass?

In the industry of glass manufacturing, Khadra Glass has always been one of the most prominent, famous, and preferred by consumers.

Khadra Glass has been in the market since 1986 – a family that is consists of hardworking, dedicated, and skilled professionals. Through time, they have managed to maintain a good position in the glass industry, making sure they manufacture only the highest quality of glass that is utilized in commercial and residential establishments.

There are various products that can be seen at Khadra Glass, namely:

  1. Curtain Glass that makes your place even more elegant.
  2. Glass Balustrade that keeps you safe, especially if it’s high above the ground.
  3. Shower Cabinet to make your toilet and bath look attractive.
  4. Photocell / Sliding Door that gives easy mechanism.
  5. Glass Staircase that has always been like a fairytale dream.
  6. Glass Hardware Accessories that can make your glass applications even more durable.
  7. Spider System Façade that has a unique fitting and structure.
  8. Aluminum Composite Panels that give good architectural cladding.
  9. Curtain Wall Façade that covers your building with sleek glass.
  10. Aluminium Folding System that is sturdy and reliable.
  11. Moving Railing System that is made from different materials.
  12. Canopies to keep you shaded from the bring sun.
  13. Domes that give your establishment an astonishing exterior.
  14. Aluminium Windows that give your place a credible protection.
  15. Lift and Slide Patio doors that are aesthetically a good choice for your backyard.

Indeed, with the numerous products that Khadra Glass has to offer, you can already distinguish the fact that they are offering varied items that are suitable for your establishments. You can choose from these options and see which one suits your home or offices best.

One of their most preferred products is the Aluminium Folding because of its sturdiness, aesthetic appeal, and convenience that it gives in a building.

Aluminium Folding is:

  • Flexible in design
  • Constructed with glass
  • Various color choices
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sleek look
  • Bi-fold doors that are hinged
  • Stacking or sliding doors
  • Weather and corrosion resistant
  • Light and durable


And if you think you need aluminum folding, you can contact us at Khadra Glass so that we can install it for you. We are the leading provider of aluminum folding in Lebanon; hence, you can guarantee a high quality of service from us and we’ll be ready to attend to all your needs anytime you need us.