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Dec 19,2018

Why Does Khadra Glass Aluminum Folding Stand Out?

Khadra Glass has been in the glass industry since 1986 – the glass business has already built trust and confidence that they share with faithful customers. Ever since we opened our doors to the public, we never ceased in giving unparalleled service and state-of-the-art products that we manufacture. Our family at Khadra Glass is trained and equipped with more than enough knowledge regarding glass manufacturing.

As years passed by, Khadra Glass has already mastered dealing, selling, and manufacturing glass products. And at the present, we are already considered as one of the best glass companies in Lebanon.

But what really makes us stand out from the rest, like our aluminum folding?

Contemporary Style

Our team makes sure that your preferred aluminum folding is suited to your home’s exterior and interior design. Aside from the contemporary design, we also guarantee that its functionality is at its best – the mechanisms of the product are seamless and faultless.


You can even tell us what you want so we can customize your preferred products from us. Our team is knowledgeable enough to create something out of the ordinary, especially made for you.

Scenic Views

When you opt for our aluminum folding, you will be able to bring your outside, in, and create scenic views from your garden. You will be able to let the sun inside your home and let the natural light brighten up your place.

Complete Solution

We manufacture each product with so much precision and accuracy – the measurements, the materials, and the way we install it in your homes properly. You can assure that we will install the products to your homes professionally so it will last for a long time and withstand any threats.

At Khadra Glass, we always guarantee the quality of our products and the comfort that it gives to our customers.

And if you think you need aluminum folding, you can contact us at Khadra Glass so that we can install it for you. We are the leading provider of aluminum folding in Lebanon; hence, you can guarantee a high quality of service from us and we’ll be ready to attend to all your needs anytime you need us.