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About Us

The Tale

The start of Khadra Glass dates back to 1986, when khadra family decided to establish their own glass business. The company began trading in Lebanon from Tyr, as one business group.
Khadra family didn’t wait long beforethey inaugurated a second company named "Khadra Safety Glass" under the same management and operating from Tyr as well. In fact, Khadra Glass offers its clients the opportunity of a professional training, that involves techniques of glass installation and the usage glass products as well.
With divine blessing, the company has grown to include more than a 100 employee:



SWOT Analysis

Workshop Officer

Today, Khadra Glass are masters in dealing, selling and producing their own glass products. Khadra Glass is one of the leading companies in the glass industry in Lebanon.

Our Vision

With time, we will continuously be evolving to reach the highest levels of expertise in the glass industry; handling glass work no matter what the type or size of the job at hand might be.

Our Mission

The goal has always been for us to operate business based on honesty, trust and professionalism.

Our factory & Suppliers

Our 5500-square meter factory is one of the biggest factories in the glass industry in Lebanon. We’ve developed a variety of new products in cooperation with many brands, to meet the needs of our ever-growing number of customers worldwide.
Some of our suppliers: our business partners provide our system with materials including products, packing and machinery as well as goods and services:


  • Sangobah: many branches around the world
  • Glass Emirates: based in UAE
  • Guardian Company: based in Saudi Arabia
  • Star Fire: based in USA.

For you to get a deeper professional insight about our
business, here’s a small SWOT analysis about Khadra Glass