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Best Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Cabinet

Jun 13,2019

The Best Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Cabinet

    When shopping for the right shower cabinet for your home, you must know that there are vital tips that you must consider. It’s important that you get the best type of shower enclosure because the condition of your bathroom, as well as your family’s safety, depends on it.   The right shower cabinet will definitely transform…
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Glass Suppliers in Lebanon

Jun 06,2019

The Ultimate Guide To Having Shower Cabinets

  Shower cabinets have already been a part of people’s lives already. Some put a shower cabinet the moment they start building their homes or choose properties that already have one. However, when deciding if you should have it in your home or not, you must remember:   - It must accommodate your restroom's space - It must match…
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Shower Cabinet Suppliers in Lebanon

May 31,2019

The 6 Types of Shower Cabinet

  Looking for the perfect shower cabinet for your home? You can come to different suppliers and manufacturers of shower enclosures just to get the right one for you. There is actually a wide array of choices that you can choose from. All you have to do is find the one that matches your lifestyle and theme of your bathroom.    Shower…
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Glass Suppliers in Lebanon

May 29,2019

The Pros and Cons of Having a Shower Cabinet

  Shower cabinet or shower enclosures are extremely popular these days. These shower cabinets are often regarded as a crucial aspect of one’s bathroom. It has benefits that only the users know – the unique mechanism of shower enclosures capture the hearts of homeowners; especially the ones who always look for privacy.   There…
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Shower Cabinet Suppliers in Lebanon

May 15,2019

The Best Things about a Shower Cabinet

  There are two types of people in this world: a.) people who like shower cabinets and b.) people who don’t like having a shower cabinet at home.   Whether you’re the former or the latter, it’s still important for you to know that those shower enclosures or shower cabinets also play an important role in your homes.…
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Glass Manufacturers in Lebanon

Apr 30,2019

Why You Should Trust Khadra Glass’ Shower Cabinets

  For years, we have been a prominent glass manufacturer in Lebanon. We, Khadra Glass, paved our way to the top with our hard work and determination. We did our best in making sure that all the products that we give will meet the standards and requirements of our faithful customers – like curtain glass, glass balustrade, shower cabinet,…
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