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May 29,2019

The Pros and Cons of Having a Shower Cabinet


Shower cabinet or shower enclosures are extremely popular these days. These shower cabinets are often regarded as a crucial aspect of one’s bathroom. It has benefits that only the users know – the unique mechanism of shower enclosures capture the hearts of homeowners; especially the ones who always look for privacy.


There are different types of shower cabinets – frameless, framed, no-enclosure, etc. Now, people are discovering the good things about having these enclosures. Gone are the days that a shower curtain will be the only thing that can cover you while you’re taking a shower. 


For some homeowners, installing a shower cabinet is one of the best decisions they made for their homes. It requires professional help – which is why you must seek the help of credible providers of shower cabinets like us, Khadra Glass.


Moreover, here are some of the pros and cons of having a shower enclosure at home –this might help you in deciding if you should install one, as well.




  1. It is extremely easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it and you’ll be able to remove stains and smudges already.
  2. Since it is easy to clean, you will exert no effort in maintaining it. Its longevity is kind of ideal.
  3. The raw materials used in creating the glass have the ability to hide smudges – making it look appealing even after some time.
  4. A framed shower enclosure is assured to be a lot cheaper than the other types of shower cabinets.
  5. It’s extremely private – perfect for those who demand personal space most of the time.




  1. There are other types of shower enclosures that don’t trap heat effectively.
  2. If you choose framed enclosures with metal, it might look a bit dated – especially after some time.
  3. There are expensive options in choosing shower enclosures.
  4. It requires so much space – not ideal so much with those who do not have enough space in their bathroom.
  5. It might be a bit overwhelming – installing one requires a definite decision.



However, at Khadra Glass, you can assure that we’ll give you the most durable shower cabinet – the best of its kind, and the one the suits your lifestyle. 


Call us anytime you decide to install a shower cabinet inside your home!