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Feb 16,2019

What is the difference between a window wall and a curtain wall?

In urban cities, most of the establishments are adorned with modern designs and architecture. Most of the time, glass is used today – usually, curtain walls or window walls.

For those who are familiar with construction, engineering, and architecture, they would know that curtain walls and window walls are good materials to be applied on structures. These designs help in making the buildings more sturdy and strong – making people safer and secured. The two are often mistaken to be of the same properties – but in reality, they are completely the same.

To give you a deeper insight into the difference between the window wall and curtain wall, here are some of their qualities:


Usually, a curtain wall supports the building and gives it a better exterior appearance. It is installed in front of the slab with the use of anchors. Often, they are utilized in commercial establishments. The process is a bit complex and expensive compared to other systems – but the quality is guaranteed and the outcome is superbly evident and rampant.


  1. Structural integrity
  2. Fewer mullions needed
  3. Installed as a single unit
  4. Resistant to moisture, wind, heat, and earthquakes
  5. Needs little maintenance


Window walls have now emerged to become a primary application in construction market especially in residential towers. It is actually an effective alternative for curtain wall which also meets the requirements of the cost, ventilation, and aesthetics. A window wall is glazed between the concrete slabs of the building – the slabs act as the support and cover all the breaks and slabs on the glass. Often, it is installed form the inside of the structure. The efficiency and its cost-effectiveness also make it a preferred system by many.


  1. Customizable and easy to install
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Needs less engineering and considerations
  4. Installed separately; hence, when one unit gets damaged, the adjoining ones won’t get affected.
  5. It has a built-in fire stopping

Nevertheless, the two systems are effective in keeping your establishment safe, sturdy, and long-lasting. So, if you need curtain walls, you can come to us so we can install the same application to your place. Our professional team at Khadra Glass will guarantee that your expectations will be met and exceeded.