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Mar 06,2019

Impact of Curtain Wall Configurations on Building Energy


Curtain Walls are certified to give an absolute thermal performance in an establishment. The technologies that make up a curtain wall like PV panels can turn the energy sinks into energy positives – meaning, this approach can generate energies from the façade parameters and enclose it effectively, making the panels energy-efficient.


The buildup of energies that are accumulated by the panels come from solar heat gain – and other factors like visible transmittance, U-value of spandrel panel and mullion, window wall ration, infiltration rate, inclination and depth of overhang, and the PV modules efficiency, are the basis of how energies are achieved in the curtain wall.


There are 9 to 10 design parameters in a curtain wall design. It is evaluated through the ANOVA approach. The energy consumption of a space can be lessened through the utilization of curtain walls. There are certain variations of curtain walls; and the configurations can impact the lighting, heating, and the energy consumption of space.


At Khadra Glass, we offer Curtain Walls. We can apply it to your residential or commercial establishment. Aside from the Curtain Walls, we also give Glass Balustrade, Shower Cabinet, Photocell, Sliding Door, Glass Staircase, Spider System Façade, Aluminum Folding System, and many others. We even offer accessories that make up these windows and doors.


All our products are made from high-quality material. Our team dedicated an immeasurable amount of effort and time just to make sure that each is presented well. We have been in the industry for long enough – our satisfied clients and partners can attest to the unsurpassed services that we can offer.


As manufacturers, we know how each of our products can improve the space of our clients –whether it is aesthetically, internally or externally, our products are guaranteed to be of good use to our loyal clients.


No matter if you’d like to apply a curtain wall to your space or any of the application that we can execute at Khadra Glass, you can come to us anytime you want. We can discuss what you need to apply in your pace and we’ll execute it professionally. 










No matter if you’d like to apply a curtain wall to your space or any of the application that we can execute at Khadra Glass - your trusted partner.