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Feb 09,2019

The Types of Curtain Wall and Its Advantages

Curtain Walls have already been in applied in different establishments starting way back 1930s. At that time, aluminum was only used for the purpose of military use. But today, curtain walls are already used even in commercial purposes especially in structural elements. The fact that aluminum is a strong and sturdy material makes it a reliable element for relevant structures like establishments and buildings.

Curtain wall systems have helped a lot in making the exterior of buildings look even better. The interior is enhanced as well and gives better insulation.

At Khadra Glass, our Curtain Walls are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the most professional way. Our highly qualified team gives their best in accomplishing all of our projects at Khadra. We are meticulous in our works – we make sure that each of our products is manufactured properly.

There are actually two types of curtain wall systems:

Stick Curtain Wall System

In this type of curtain wall, the components of the curtain wall are assembled in accordance with the structure of the building – piece by piece. This is best if the structure is not built so highly from the ground. In this application, on site adjustments are possible. Some say the cost might be lower in this kind of application but the quality and labor should also not be underestimated.

Unitized Curtain Wall System

The unitized curtain walls are already the ones manufactured and assembled by the provider inside their factory. The output is brought to the site as a single unit. The overall size of the system will depend on the size of the structure. This kind of curtain wall is often utilized in high-rise buildings. The quick installation and shipping might give it a bit higher cost than the Stick Curtain Wall but the quality is also worth every penny.

And if you are interested in this, you can get the highest quality of curtain walls and all kinds of glass windows and doors from Khadra Glass. We are a manufacturer who has been in this field for long enough already – with our professional and driven team, we can meet and exceed your expectations regarding Curtain Walls and all kinds of glass windows and doors products. We’ll be ready to attend to all your needs anytime you need us. Just visit us or give us a call whenever you please.