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Feb 27,2019

The Difference between Storefront and Curtain Wall

A building’s façade is relevant to a structure’s aesthetic appeal. Aside from that, it also contributes to its durability. In architecture, there are two most utilized applications when it comes façade – storefront and curtain wall.


Both are usually used in structures. Project managers are aware of the benefits that each application brings – especially in real estate projects. But do you know the difference between the two? How will you be able to distinguish curtain walls from storefronts?


First, we should know that both architectural terms refer to an exterior wall. The glass that you see on buildings – these can either be a curtain wall or storefront.




The storefront is designed to give strength to entrance systems like doors and windows. It’s non-residential and non-load-bearing. It only spans from the floor and the structure above. It can be 10 ft high or less – from the ground floor up to the second or third floor. Usually, it’s center-glazed and it’s not self-draining.


It’s often thinner than curtain walls and only limited to the ground floor for use. The frames are only limited to 10 feet. 


Curtain Wall


Curtain Wall hangs like a curtain – it’s non-load-bearing as well like the storefront. It is hung from the floor slabs and it can be as high as 25 feet – or even higher. The curtain wall is applied depending on the design of the building. Usually, it is front-glazed and it has a self-draining system.


It’s thicker than the storefront and it spans to multiple floors. 



Between the two, both can be a good application on your structures. No matter which you choose, you can expect a good quality exterior for your buildings.


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