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Apr 30,2019

Why You Should Trust Khadra Glass’ Shower Cabinets


For years, we have been a prominent glass manufacturer in Lebanon. We, Khadra Glass, paved our way to the top with our hard work and determination. We did our best in making sure that all the products that we give will meet the standards and requirements of our faithful customers – like curtain glass, glass balustrade, shower cabinet, and many others.


As a supplier and manufacturer, we do our best to retain the good quality of the products that we give at Khadra Glass. We have already mastered the art of curating and designing glass products that our clients love. 


Being in the market for years had given us a good reputation. And being one of the most trusted providers of glass products, we can safely say that this is all because of the good qualities that we possess, as a supplier.


It’s no secret that successful businesses have innate good qualities that make them stand out from the rest. And we, Khadra Glass, like most of the renowned suppliers internationally, has:


  • Accountability


No matter what happens to the product that we give, we take accountability for whatever damage or mistake that we may do along the way – especially in quality issues some mishaps that are inevitable.


  • Production Capability


We have more than enough staff to produce glass products like a shower cabinet. We know how important it is tour customers, which is why we make sure that we are never short-handed in producing it.


  • Unprecedented Expertise


All of our staffs at Khadra Glass are highly professionals. Each possesses skills that are needed in making good quality glass products that are used in residential and commercial purposes. The consolidated effort and expertise of our staffs all result in unparalleled services and outcome.


  • Good communication skills


Being conversational is one thing but being communicators is the best thing. All of us at Khadra Glass is capable of understanding what our customers really want through effective communication. We deeply try to comprehend where they stand, to know what they actually want to achieve in the services they asked from us. No matter what kind of glass product would they want from our team, we’ll know how to meet and exceed their expectations because we understand them at a different level.



So, if you are in need of glass products like glass balustrade, shower cabinet, and the like, make sure you work with the best suppliers in town like us, Khadra Glass, so that all your vision will be materialized and your place, decorated.