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Hanan Plaza

During the next few weeks, a new Plaza will emerge in Tyre, Lebanon: Khadra Glass launches a luxurious and prestigious commercial plaza: The “Hanan Plaza”.

Hanan Plaza is a commercial project that consists of four floors and an underground floor reserved for parking. The project is distinguished by its architectural structure and its strategical location in the heart of Tyre.

The ground floor is reserved for stores sized between 200 and 250 m2, as for the first, second, third and fourth floors they all reserved for offices sized between 90 and 120 m2 and large spaces and lounges sized up to 500 m2.

Hanan Plaza is a very distinguished project for it differs from all commercial projects in the area in terms of luxury, high-quality materials and safety. The stores and offices are built of 900 square meter of Aluminum Composite panel, 600 square meter of Curtain wall and 250 square meter of Glass Facades.

Khadra Glass, as always, makes sure that all its projects are built using the best materials and qualities in order to provide the best for the customers and to ensure the safety and security of the Plaza; thus the small details and features used are of great qualities. The ACP materials used are Alubond USA, the Curtain Wall are Technal French and the Aluminum Accessories are Rotto German; as for the frameless Glass Accessories, they are of super high quality material.

Hanan Plaza’s services and Amenities

The project consists of one underground floor reserved for parking and 4 floors of offices and lounges and free spaces. This Plaza is one of the most important architectural building in Tyr, it will only provide the best qualities and services for all kind of businesses to excel and prosper in the heart of luxury and innovation.