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Semhat Project

By the end of 2018, one of the most luxurious and prestigious residential and commercial projects will rise in Tyre, Lebanon. With more than 80 offices and retail stores, it will be considered as one of the most unique commercial landmarks in town.
Khadra Glass will launch “Semhat” a residential and commercial project that consists of four floors of offices topped by an amazing glass roof overseeing the whole area of Tyre. The project is distinguished by its strategically chosen location in the heart of Tyre near the markets.
As for the residential apartments, the project includes 70 apartments sized between 135 and 200 square meters distributed into four floors.
This project’s prominence lies within its high-end and super high-quality materials:
the residential apartments and stores are built of 2000 square meter of Aluminum Composite panel, 1000 square meter of Curtain wall Vec System MX SG and 100 square meter of Glass Dome Curtain Wall system.
Khadra Glass makes sure that Semhat’s Project provides only the best of the best in order to exceed your expectations thus the small details and features used are of great qualities. The ACP materials used are Alubond USA, the Curtain Wall are Technal French and the Aluminum Accessories are Rotto German; as for the frameless Glass Accessories, they are of super high quality material. Furthermore, and most importantly, Semhat’s Project is safe and secure especially with the European Automatic Sliding Door with highly Security Accesses that have been installed through the whole location. 
Semhat’s services and Amenities
The project consists of two underground floors reserved for parking where each floor can take in around 150 cars. The parking lots include elevators to facilitate the movement from the parking to the upper floors and the higher levels of the building to ensure that all residents and owners of retail shops can easily access their destination from the parking floors.